Where We Are Now


Where the process is now: The Forest Service issued a Draft Record of Decision on March 17, 2015, that essentially gives Eldora Mountain Resort everything that it asked for (details below).

But the fight isn’t over yet.

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We are now in the Objection phase where folks or organizations that filed comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement can object to the Draft Record of Decision.

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File An Objection

THE FOREST SERVICE has issued its proposed decision on Eldora Mountain Resort’s expansion plan and has proposed approval of everything that Eldora asked for, but the process is not yet complete.

If you made comments to the Forest Service during either the scoping or the DEIS comment periods, you can file on your own or co-sign the objection that the Middle Boulder Creek Coalition is filing. You have until May 4 to file. 

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Write a Letter to the County Commissioners

*We have written a sample letter of support to the Boulder County Commissioners, feel free to use the points made in that letter to write yours. Remember– we agree with their position, keep letters and e-mails polite and brief. Send your letters or e-mails to the address or e-mail on the sample letter.See Sample Letter

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