Where We Are Now



The ball is now in the Forest Service’s court. Since Middle Boulder Creek Coalition has asked to meet with the agency to discuss our objection, we will likely get a call from them within a few weeks. The purpose of this meeting will be to attempt to negotiate a settlement of any or all of the issues in our objection.

If the objection is not settled, the Forest Service has 45 days to issue a written decision on most of our objection issues; however, it can take an additional 30 days to decide.

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Objections Have Been Filed

*MIDDLE BOULDER CREEK COALITION filed a formal objection to the Draft Record of Decision issued by the Forest Service regarding Eldora Mountain Resort’s expansion plan. The DROD proposed approval of everything that Eldora asked for. The period to file an objection ended on May 4.

Read the MBCC’s objection by clicking here: objection and cover letter.

The Boulder County Commissioners and the Town of Nederland also filed separate objections to the DROD/FEIS. Read the Boulder County Commissioners’ objection here.

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The Recreational Experience

BRINGING SKI RUNS, a lift and snowmaking down to the bottom of the valley will erode the experience for the thousands of winter and summer recreationists who use the Fourth of July Road and Hessie area to access the Indian Peaks. In winter, snowshoers, cross-country skiers and walkers would hear the roar of snow-making. At their closest, the lift and runs will be approximately 150 feet from the Fourth of July Road.

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