3-8-17 Update from Middle Boulder Creek Coalition – Eldora Expansion

3-8-17 Update from Middle Boulder Creek Coalition – Eldora Expansion


We are at a critical time

Thank you all for your continued support of the Middle Boulder Creek Corridor as we continue to fight against expansion of the Eldora Mountain Resort.  We had several significant events last year:

·         The Forest Service instructed the Eldora Ski Area to focus improvements within their existing boundaries, without expanding into public land
·         The ski area came under new ownership with Powdr Corporation
·         Future expansion decisions were deferred as the Forest Service asked the ski area to continue work with local citizens and agencies on a mutually beneficial solution

Since then, the Middle Boulder Creek Coalition (MBCC) has been working hard on that last point, and has been in continued conversations on your behalf with the new ski area ownership.  The new runs and new facilities that the resort has recently built within existing boundaries show their commitment to enhancing their current assets.  Our position continues to be that the ski area can focus their efforts on the assets that they have today without expanding further into the Middle Boulder Creek corridor.

Although initial signs have been promising, we are at a critical time in our fight against expansion of Eldora Mountain Resort.  In recent stakeholder meetings, for the first time in this process it appears that protection of the Middle Boulder Creek area may be a viable option for all parties.  We are very encouraged by the initial conversations with Powdr.  While much remains to be done, now is the time to seize this crucial opportunity, and we will continue to work closely with the ski area, as well as with state & local organizations.

Although MBCC is essentially a volunteer organization, it still takes money to keep it going.  Please consider donating to the Middle Boulder Creek Coalition at this critical time.  We have real hope of a successful outcome.  You can donate online here (on right) or send checks (made out to Middle Boulder Creek Coalition) to Joe McDonald at 800 McIntire St., Boulder, CO 80303.

Dave Hallock
Middle Boulder Creek Coalition