MBCC’s Infill Alternative

*Our Infill Alternative fulfills the purpose and need stated in the DEIS by:

1) Replacing the Challenge and Cannonball lifts with a 6-person detachable type lift.

2) Replacing the Indian Peaks lift with a detachable 4 or 6 person chairlift. This would better withstand wind and eliminate the need for the Placer lift, and would keep the ski area within the SUP boundary that was extended in 1997.

3) Replacing the existing Corona lift with a detachable 6-person chairlift.

4) Creating additional intermediate and advanced intermediate terrain within the current SUP. This can be accomplished by adding the following runs: C1 and C3 as indicated on DEIS Figure 2, which shows Alternative 2, Proposed Action, and Runs P1 and P3 terminating at the bottom of Indian Peaks lift. The lower part of the Indian Peaks lift line could also be widened to provide more intermediate terrain. See accompanying map.

5) Expanding and improving on-mountain guest services and parking as described for the proposed action in the DEIS.

We feel that the additional trails indicated above will increase the acreage of intermediate and advanced intermediate terrain but will not significantly impact wildlife, slope stability, or Middle Boulder Creek, as the proposed action would.

We do not propose expanding the Jolly Jug pod beyond the current SUP boundary or creating new runs there.