The Need for Comprehensive Landscape Planning


What We Proposed

The Need for a Plan
Comprehensive landscape planning is needed for the Middle Boulder Creek watershed and its surrounding environment so we can better assess the impacts of expanding the human footprint. The process should include all of the stakeholders. We actually know very little about how wildlife currently moves around this area, so basic data gathering will be an important task. But in the end, if the project is a success, it should be a win-win for the watershed, animals and plants, as well as the people that live, make a living, and recreate in the area. …read more

Middle Boulder Creek Watershed Planning
Significant changes are occurring in and around the Middle Boulder Creek watershed. The cumulative impacts of each change on the larger landscape are poorly understood. We propose the need for a planning process that looks at the watershed and the surrounding area that is ecologically tied to Middle Boulder Creek. …read more

Hessie – Lost Lake Special Interest Area Draft Concept Paper
The Hessie-Lost Lake area is a heavily used gateway into the Indian Peaks Wilderness. But management of the area has changed little from when the Indian Peaks were first designated as wilderness in the late 1970s. The Hessie-Lost Lake area was not designated wilderness but receives the heaviest recreational use. …read more