The Recreational Experience

BRINGING SKI RUNS, a lift and snowmaking down to the bottom of the valley will erode the experience for the thousands of winter and summer recreationists who use the Fourth of July Road and Hessie area to access the Indian Peaks. In winter, snowshoers, cross-country skiers and walkers would hear the roar of snow-making. At their closest, the lift and runs will be approximately 150 feet from the Fourth of July Road.

The new lift that is proposed will not replace the lift above it and will not get skiers directly to the top of the Corona Bowl. The new lift would add only a few hundred vertical feet of terrain below the current lift bases. In summer, hikers would be faced with the scarred hillsides of deforested ski runs. These disturbances are not qualities that are compatible with a major scenic gateway into the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

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