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We have written a sample letter of support to the Boulder County Commissioners, feel free to use the points made in that letter to write yours. Remember– we agree with their position, keep letters and e-mails polite and brief. Send your letters or e-mails to the address or e-mail on the sample letter.

Sample Letter to Board of County Commissioners


Boulder County Board of County Commissioners
PO Box 471
Boulder, CO 80306



RE: Final EIS and Draft Record of Decision pertaining to Eldora Mountain Resort Expansion Plans

Dear Boulder County Commissioners (Cindy Domenico, Deb Gardner, and Elise Jones):

First let me compliment you and your staff for writing a wise, compelling, and firm response to the Eldora Ski Area expansion plan under consideration with the Forest Service. Boulder County, along with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, EPA, Town of Nederland Park, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee, Middle Boulder Creek Coalition, Indian Peaks Group of the Sierra Club, and many other agencies, organizations and citizens, all expressed concerns about impacts to wildlife, wetlands, stream quality and riparian habitat by expanding the ski area down to Middle Boulder Creek with the new Placer ski lift and runs, impacting wildlife habitat and cross-country ski trails with the expansion of Jolly Jug down to Jenny Creek, and the need to fully explore an “in-fill” alternative that would keep the ski area within its current boundaries, as stated in the Forest Plan.

Unfortunately, the Forest Service Draft Record of Decision combines the worst of the two expansion alternatives considered in the Draft EIS into the proposed action. This would expand the backside down to Middle Boulder Creek with the Placer ski lift and runs as well as expanding Jolly Jug lift and ski runs down to Jenny Creek. The many impacts of the expansion are well-documented in the EIS. The loss of habitat for animal and plant species of special concern is considered insignificant by the Forest Service when they look at the scale of the entire Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest. The multitude of plant and animals species being impacted and lost is simply viewed as a local issue and not a concern at the national forest scale. They will then try to minimize the impacts through project design criteria that are filled with statements such as “if possible, if feasible, to the greatest extent practicable, and consider.” And to top it off, the Forest Service is recommending an amendment to the Forest Plan to waive the Forest Plan Standard to maintain cover for wildlife travel corridors along riparian areas for Middle Boulder Creek area. The need for the Forest Service to remove this standard for this project highlights the many unique wetland and riparian resources found in the expansion area above Middle Boulder Creek and the inappropriateness of the Placer lift and ski runs.

I am requesting that Boulder County stand strong in your concerns that the FEIS, much like the DEIS, is an inadequate document due to the failures to address such items as:


  • inadequacies in addressing alternatives, particularly an in-fill alternative;
  • a lack of meaningful analysis on secondary and cumulative impacts;
  • a lack of meaningful recognition and respect of County and local land use plans;
  • substantial and unacceptable impacts to the Middle Boulder Creek drainage;
  • inadequacy to address potential impacts of summer recreation;
  • No wind analysis to demonstrate whether or not the new lifts and ski runs will mitigate the impacts of high wind days;
  • No demonstrated need for the bridge across Middle Boulder Creek.

I sincerely hope that you will enter formal objections to the Forest Plan Amendments and the Record of Decision. The decisions presented in the current FEIS are unacceptable. Also stand strong in your opposition to the bridge across Middle Boulder Creek. Finally, use your discretionary ability during the update of the Ski Area’s Special Use Permit with Boulder County to craft a better design that is acceptable to a wider array of your constituents.